Memorial Day has come and gone, and you know what that means! That’s right, it is officially summer! Okay, maybe not officially, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get ready for some fun in the sun with these summer essentials.

Now, some of these might not be applicable to your socially distant summer but fret not! Some of these products, you can use regardless of wrenches thrown in summer plans. Others are ones you can stock up on for when beaches and barbeques are open for business again. So, shop on, and get ready for summer 2020!

How is shopping a solution to human trafficking?

Buying items from brands that pay fair wages, hire survivors, and invest in their community, keeps people free. You ensure that a farm worker can provide for her family and that a sex trafficking victim can stay away from his captor.

Imagine a creative and skilled survivor just learned that someone purchased a necklace made by her hands. A smile lights up her face as she remembers she is loved and capable because you choose to buy her craft – rather than her body.

Each purchase is an encouragement to press on into pursing a fair and free future. We’ve made it easy for you to fight human trafficking through fun summer shopping. Look at our fun list below. There is something for everyone!

Summer Clothing

For people of all genders, shorts are a summer staple. That being said—a sad truth is that fair trade menswear has been neglected in the clothing conversation. Enter Marine Layer! They have a broad selection of menswear, but for warmer weather, check out their collection of shorts and trunks! (And if menswear isn’t your thing, don’t worry—they have plenty of other style options, including for kids and for the gals).

For a further guide to ethical menswear, this list from The Good Trade can help you start searching. And to find unique, eco-friendly (and budget friendly) clothing across the board, you can look at thrift stores, or consider doing a closet swap with friends that wear your size! For those socially distancing, there are always online thrift shops available. My personal favorite to online-shop at is happygirlthrift, a woman-run, Kansas-based Instagram account selling secondhand wears and accessories.


Get ready for swimsuit season with some of these pieces from Boden USA, a Britain-based company that is committed to environmental sustainability and fair labor practices across the board.

You can also check out some gender-inclusive, size inclusive options at Tomboy X. This company is eco-friendly, sweatshop free, and dedicated to promoting a “human agenda,” supportive of all.

Stuff Kids Love

Speaking of swimsuits: Where can you buy them for kids? Many fair-trade stores only offer options for a limited (read: adult-sized) audience. If you’re shopping for a little loved one, we have some options for you.

Hanna Andersson has some great swimsuits for kids in their swimwear collection. And if you have older kiddos or are shopping for a wider age range, Eternal Creation has clothing and accessories for ages 0-14.

For more brands and places to check out, Good On You’s ethical children’s brand directory has you covered! 


For all your summer accessory essentials, check out Trades of Hope and Fair and Square Imports.

Find your new favorite beach tote or statement earrings from one of these amazing stores.

Skincare & Sunscreen

 A good sunscreen is an essential part of any summer routine, on the beach or off. To protect skin from damaging UVA beams, The Body Shop’s Aloe Soothing Moisture Lotion (SPF 15) is here for you! Additionally, the fair trade, community sourced aloe in the formula will keep your skin cool and moisturized during the hot Houston days. They also have a skin-brightening Vitamin C lotion in SPF 30, for those looking for a higher level of protection.

For an added boost: Put on sunscreen after a luxurious DIY exfoliation worthy of a spa. After brewing a cup of fair trade coffee from A 2nd Cup,  save the grounds! Mix them with some ethically sourced olive oil for an eco-friendly, budget friendly skin scrub that will leave your skin glowing and soft. This will keep in a sealed container for about three to five weeks, depending on batch size. An added bonus: by clearing away dead skin cells, combining this with an SPF will boost your summer tan!

If you don’t want to DIY, check out Elijah Rising Goods in-store or shop online for their bath soaks, body scrubs, and lip balm!

And there you have it! Whether you’re staying in with the AC on blast, or are out on the beach, here’s to you having a fabulous, fun, ethically sourced summer!

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