Youth Programs

youth programs

Let’s stop trafficking before it starts. We work with teens and adolescents to develop the skills to recognize and safely avoid exploitive situations.



55% of domestic minor victims of sex trafficking aged 7-11 years old are recruited through social
media apps and websites*

*Thorn January 2018 Survivor Insights Survey


Students engaged in 2019.

Youth Prevention

Teens and adolescents develop the skills to safely navigate potential and existing exploitative situations while learning how to access community resources.


55% of domestic minor victims of sex trafficking aged 7-11 years old are recruited through social media apps and websites*

*Thorn January 2018 Survivor Insights Survey


Students engaged in 2018.

“I am so thankful you did this program. I thought it was going to be all informational, but I loved how you connected with us emotionally in this negative world.”
– Hannah, 16 years old

Prevention Courses and Workshops

We’re passionate about protecting the next generation from human trafficking. Through our youth human trafficking prevention programs, students learn that trafficking doesn’t just happen overseas, but often in their own backyards. This program equips middle school and high school students with the skills to stay safe.

Program topics include:

  • What is human trafficking,
  • How to recognize a trafficker and the recruitment process,
  • Social media safety.


Our staff can scale the program to meet your needs, including the length and audience size of the program.

Real Talk

Real Talk is a trauma-informed support group, which engages students who have already experienced trauma or trafficking and are vulnerable to recruitment and (re)victimization. Consisting of 10 on-site visits, this program provides students a chance to process through open conversations and enrichment activities.

Program topics include:

  • The signs and signals of human trafficking and exploitation,
  • Relationship topics: stereotypes and labeling; working through self-esteem issues, feelings of shame and guilt; healthy versus unhealthy relationships; trauma and the body’s response;
  • A mentality of empowerment.

UAHT uses a holistic approach focusing on respect, empathy and individual strengths. A brain-based approach, this model works with traumatized individuals through socialization and healthy self-care habits. These activities include emotional management, cardio-centered aerobic exercises, yoga, expressive art, wellness focused workshops, meditation, and other group empowerment activities.

The Resilience Project

The Resilience Project is our volunteer program for 14-18 year olds to help lead the fight against trafficking within their schools and communities. With the guidance of UAHT, students plan and implement 3-5 events that bring awareness to the issue and prevent it from happening. After completing the program, participants are recognized at a special celebration and become official “Resilience Advocates.” Resilience Advocates lead their community in youth human trafficking prevention work!

A Resilience Advocate Will:

  • Understand human trafficking,
  • Plan 3-5 service projects,
  • Use social media to fight exploitation,
  • Demonstrate their leadership skills.

“I feel like now I should be careful about who I am friends with online, and also try to look out for it in school…Now I want to try to find ways to get my school active in the fight against trafficking.”
– Cassie, 14 years old

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You can protect the next generation from modern-day slavery by inviting us to speak in your school or community group!