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Are you passionate about fighting for freedom? Do you believe that every individual irrespective of their ethnicity, nationality, religion or sexual preference is entitled to basic rights?

Become part of an organization that consistently advocates for the FIGHT FOR FREEDOM, by bringing awareness to the reality of human trafficking to the Houston community.

At UAHT, we recognize that human trafficking is a horrific violation of an individual’s basic human rights and needs to be addressed from that perspective.

UAHT’s services and contributions to the FIGHT FOR FREEDOM include global advising, shaping public policy, prevention initiatives, education and training. All aspects of these services are intentionally centered on identifying and perfecting approaches to combat this heinous crime of slavery. Our efforts focus on restoring the most basic human right of a trafficked person…their freedom.

In the coming years, UAHT anticipates being looked upon as the local BACKBONE organization, in effort to lead the movement to end human trafficking and creating a COLLECTIVE IMPACT around the issue…in Houston Texas and throughout the Nation.

Founded in 2005, as a small collaborative of concerned community members, UAHT has grown into a solid and highly respected organization. UAHT leads a dedicated alliance of Houston-area non-profits, faith-based organizations, businesses, government agencies and community members, all devoted to preventing and confronting modern-day slavery.

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