Victims of human trafficking are subjected to force, fraud, or coercion, for the purpose of sexual exploitation or forced labor. Human trafficking victims are children, teenagers, men, women, U.S. citizens and immigrants. It happens in homes, at businesses, in schools, in malls, etc. No person or place is exempt from falling victim.

As the fourth largest city in the country, Houston’s diversity makes it easy for trafficking victims to blend in with the general population. United Against Human Trafficking is ending human trafficking through awareness, education, and outreach.

Upcoming events

  • 18 Oct 2018

    Human Trafficking 101 Community Event

    This FREE presentation, open to the public, will educate community members about human trafficking. Learn to recognize the red flag…
  • 27 Oct 2018

    Rice University RISE Today Fair Trade Festival

    Part of the Rice Fair Trade Campaign is to spread awareness about ethically sourced products and increase the availability of…
  • 03 Nov 2018

    2018 Shop Smart : A Fair Trade Market

    Join us for the return of Shop Smart! Have you ever wondered who made your clothes, or asked yourself where…

Education is Key to Ending Trafficking.

Learn more about human trafficking. Take the FREE E-Learning course and start making a difference today.



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