Create Lasting Impact. Volunteer with UAHT

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with United Against Human Trafficking. Here are a few steps to help you begin your journey as a UAHT Volunteer.

  1. Fill out the volunteer application
  2. Complete a background check
  3. Receive your volunteer code
  4. Register for Orientation
  5. Join our board as we fight human trafficking!

Community Outreach

We are taking our cause to the streets of Houston. To end human trafficking we need entire communities engaged and involved in the fight to end human trafficking. You will be advocates on the streets providing communities with critical tools, resources, and information to identify and report potential trafficking situations. As a part of our community outreach team you will have a critical role preparing Houston to stop trafficking in it’s tracks.

Community Outreach Volunteers:

  • Educate neighborhoods on how they can fight human trafficking
  • Visit local businesses to provide human trafficking resources and information
  • Partner with UAHT staff at education and awareness events.


Movie screenings, community fairs, and fundraisers are examples of unique opportunities for us to raise awareness about the pervasive crime of human trafficking. Our passionate and educated volunteers provide critical support at these events helping with registration, answering questions, and making sure that everything runs smoothly. Event volunteers provide the best experience for community members who are just learning about human trafficking.

Event Volunteers:

  • Assist in the planning and implementation of UAHT events.
  • Help identify community partners and sponsors.
  • Support event-day operations.
  • Recruit friends, family, and neighborhood to join the fight against human trafficking!

Youth Volunteers

As a Connection Team member you will accompany UAHT staff as we visit day-labor sites, homeless shelters, and refugee and immigrant communities. This team is committed to initiating conversations with the various groups we engage, while supporting UAHT staff as we refer them to services to avoid and escape exploitation.

Connection Team Volunteers:

  • Have completed 25 hours of volunteering with the UAHT Community Outreach Team.
  • Support the UAHT Programs team as they work with at-risk populations in the Greater Houston Area.
  • Generate and build relationships with those who are vulnerable to situations of trafficking.
  • Demonstrate a trauma informed and culturally sensitive approach to interacting with diverse populations.

Office Volunteers

With a population over 2 million, our staff are busy raising awareness, educating Houston professionals, and outreaching to victims of trafficking in our city. To do our best work we need skilled, organized, and dedicated volunteers to support our office operations. Whether organizing essential outreach kits, entering critical data, or prepping event materials, office volunteers work closely with our team to increase the quality of our impact in the Greater Houston Area.

Office Volunteers:

  • Support overall office operations
    Answer phones, data entry
  • Special projects assigned by staff to increase programs
  • Utilize skills to enhance the mission of UAHT

If you want to volunteer and are between the ages of 14 -18, click below

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Take action to fight human trafficking by working alongside us at events, in our office, and in the community!