i dare you

A Podcast by United Against Human Trafficking

mobilizing the fight against human trafficking

If you want to make lasting change in the fight against human trafficking… this is the anti-human trafficking podcast for you.

Our mission to end human trafficking is daring; human trafficking is a multi-billion-dollar industry that spans local, regional, and global communities. There are millions of trafficking victims, millions of traffickers, and millions of buyers. They not only exist worldwide, but they reside in our own communities. Our podcast empowers you with practical, actionable ways to combat trafficking starting in your own neighborhood. By intersecting, data-driven facts, inspiring stories, and practical application, our podcast will equip community members to be effective anti-trafficking activists.

meet the host



Chief Programs & Expansion Officer

Master of Public Policy, George Mason University | Bachelor of Arts in English, Baylor University

For 15 years, Elaine’s passion for ending human trafficking has fueled her work. From research and legislative work in Washington DC, to working with survivors in South Korea, to hosting an anti-trafficking conference in Virginia, to running fundraising and communication efforts in Houston, her zeal for ending exploitation continuously deepens. Elaine loves partnering with donors and coalition members who are dedicated to creating systemic change in Houston.

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