A Chance to Give – Holiday Newsletter

A Chance to Give – Holiday Newsletter

The holiday’s are filled with family, friends, and community celebrating together. However, UAHT deals with the sad reality that there are victims of exploitation all around us, even during this wonderful season. Our role as an organization is to be the voice of those trapped in exploitation. You can help provide strength, support, and hope to individuals in our community.

A gift of $25.00 can provide incentive items for youth in our programs. Incentive items help UAHT build rapport and has been the difference between receiving disclosures and youth walking out the door

A gift of $50.00 or more can provide 10 Hygiene Kits with human trafficking information for our outreach on the streets of Houston. These kits provide more than essentials, each contains a hand written note bringing joy to those who receive them.

Awareness keeps our communities safe. Give the gift of peace knowing that $250.00 or more can provide 30 youth with critical prevention education.

Prevention is key to ending cycles of exploitation. A gift of $1,000.00 or more can help 30 youth create a safety plan as we walk them through our 5 module youth prevention program. This program helps youth understand that kindness can go a long way in the path to prevention.

A gift of $1,800.00 or more can provide our 10 module Real Talk program to individuals considered high-risk for exploitation yet remain unidentified. Give love this holiday season and help UAHT built trust with individuals to help them out of these exploitative situations.

If you would like to give a gift in honor of someone who has made an impact in your life, simply leave a note when you donate online along with their contact information. We will send them a letter informing them of your donation, and include the special note you provided. It’s the perfect gift for the anti-human trafficking advocate in your life!

A Note From Our Youth

“I learned that it’s very easy to get manipulated by somebody you don’t know. A lot of human traffickers look like a normal person and innocent”

“I was one of them. I stayed with him because it seemed like he cared about me and I never felt loved before but I knew it was too good to be true because he made me do all the drugs in the world. But I over came it and now I share my story to other girls and also the world.”

*To view our original publication, please visit http://mailchi.mp/uaht/a-chance-to-give*