Despite being free from her trafficker, Natalia struggled to stay safe while waiting for her apartment application to be approved. Her brain insisted she wait for the apartment, but her heart slammed against her chest and her stomach felt like a wrung-out rag. An uncertain future made her feel stuck with no other choice but to return to the person who once met her needs: her trafficker.

Back in the Life of sex trafficking, Natalia was arrested for soliciting. 

Natalia was arrested for soliciting

But when the Judge and District Attorney learned that Natalia is currently receiving care from our Case Manager Erin, they released her from jail. 

And, as of October, Natalia qualified for an apartment and moved in! 

Natalia is only one of many individuals currently receiving care in our case management program. Dozens of survivors are finding safe housing, attending support groups, and starting new jobs thanks to Erin’s support, encouragement, and care. 

Healing from trauma and starting life over again are not easy tasks. It’s so tough, in fact, that most survivors return to the Life many times before breaking free for good. 

What makes the difference between getting stuck in a cycle of exploitation versus breaking free? A support system. 

Erin's Encouragement

“[My clients] know what they need, they know what they want, and they know how to do it. They just need encouragement to get there,” Erin reflected. 

That’s why having a trained Case Manager is a gamechanger for survivors on their journey to reclaim their lives.

Erin calls her clients frequently to check in and make sure they have everything they need. If they don’t, she ensures they get it. She picks up groceries for them and helps complete police reports. She tells her clients she’s proud of their progress and reminds them to be proud of themselves, too. 

And YOU, our amazing supporters, make it possible for over 30 clients to have Erin as a partner and guide through their complex, daunting journeys. 

Because of you, Natalia is out of jail, healing, and forging a free future. THANK YOU! 

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