Dear Partner,

If you’re like us, you blinked and not only a new year, but an entire new decade appeared at your doorstep!

The past few years we’ve kept a laser focus on our goal to strategically expand and serve more victims, so within moments, a decade passed.

Yet, we are fully prepared and pumped to walk through that door, not simply because time ushers us, but because the synergy of our past victories, planning, and expansion joyfully compels us into the next season of serving.

In the past 10 years, our organization and the global fight for freedom dramatically grew to a well-developed movement. We have strong partners, clear strategy, and an unwavering commitment to end human trafficking.

We honor the incredible victories that paved our path into the next decade. 

Over the last ten years, we’ve had the pleasure of training over 100,000 individuals, including 65,000 of our city’s front-line professionals to recognize and respond to both sex and labor trafficking

In the last three years, we’ve connected 210 victims to resources to break free and trained 12,667 youth on how to stay safe from traffickers.

Additionally, we were honored when the FBI recognized our expertise in 2014 and presented UAHT with the FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award.

That same year, we changed our name from the Rescue and Restore Coalition to United Against Human Trafficking. The Rescue and Restore Coalition is now a division of UAHT and an integral part of our fabric.

Our new name reflects our deep commitment to unifying an entire movement and creating a space where all are welcome to join the fight.

And what an honor it has been to serve alongside so many wonderful individuals!

UAHT staff, board, volunteers, donors, coalition partners, and so many more make the magic happen.

This past year especially exemplified the beauty of unity, inclusiveness, and diversity of thought. These characteristics are at the heart of everything we do. We provide a safe place for all to serve as well as honor the true heroes in the fight to end human trafficking—the survivors.

We are also thrilled to report that in 2019, our database to connect human trafficking service-providers officially launched. Dubbed “The Pathway,” it is the first system to harness the desire of service providers to collaborate in a tangible way.

It serves as a pathway to freedom for victims of human trafficking by ensuring they are connected to the resources that fight their specific needs.

Finally, it’s a great joy to announce we moved into our second location! Located in the East End, this space is dedicated to serving our clients as our direct services expands.

As 2020 launches, we are filled with gratitude and joy as we reflect on the past decade. We understand what a privilege it is to serve the most vulnerable in our society. As we serve, we bring freedom and justice to the forefront of the anti-human trafficking movement in Houston. We unite, lead, inspire, and transform the landscape of our great city. We’re committed to leading with grace and love, while eradicating the injustice of human trafficking.

We’re grateful you continue to stand alongside us in the fight to end human trafficking. Our vision is clear, our pace is steady, and our future is brighter than ever before!

With love and gratitude,

Timeka Walker, LMSW | Executive Director
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