I want to share a story with you – the story of the very first sex trafficking survivor to enroll in our Case Management Program last fall.

“Maggie” was trafficked for sex.

The physical and emotional pain was overpowering, and she learned she could escape with drugs. Abuse seemed to be the theme of her life: from her trafficker AND her ex-husband.

One day, Maggie’s ex-husband assaulted her and knocked out some of her teeth.

Her trafficker, ex-husband, and drug dependence posed immense danger to Maggie’s parents and two children; they fled from her life for their safety. 

When Maggie joined our program after exiting the Life of sex trafficking, she saw things start to turn around. 


Maggie is now a sex trafficking survivor.

Over the past few months, Maggie worked tirelessly to become sober and to confront her trauma with healthy coping skills. She has come so far. The next step was finding a stable job and building economic independence when she hit another roadblock: missing teeth.

Anxiety-filled questions raced through her mind: “What would they think of me? Would they ask me why my teeth are gone? Would I have to tell them my history? Who would want to hire someone like that?” 

But then, something happened. 

With Maggie’s sobriety and safe distance from her abusers, Maggie not only reunited with her children, but with her parents, too. Her dad was so proud of her progress that he agreed to bring Maggie onto his dental care plan and pay to fix her teeth! 

Maggie sent us a beautiful picture of her new smile. Now, she feels ready to take on the world – starting with a few job interviews. 


And today, we have exciting news. Maggie has been HIRED!

Maggie is starting a job with one of our amazing partners. As we’ve gotten to know Maggie more, we learned she has a strong interest in sewing and fashion.

Our Case Manager helped Maggie create her resume and apply for a paid training program that teaches her sewing basics and life-long skills for employment.
We are so proud of Maggie and are so thankful to you for making this happen. With your support, we have a Case Management program to help labor and sex trafficking survivors like her become safe, sober, and reunited with their families. Congratulations to Maggie for embarking on a new life journey!

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