When life kicks someone down, often traffickers swoop in, masking exploitation with kindness. They are the first-responders, grasping easy prey to make money for their own gain. Soon after, victims want to break free – yet how?

Many times, they are unaware of avenues for help, or are so mentally exhausted they simply don’t have any hope that life can be different. Because their chains aren’t visible, they often go overlooked. Exploitation is so ingrained in our society that it becomes difficult to recognize.

But now you know. You want to act, make a difference. What are tangible steps you can take?

1. Educate Yourself, Your Family, and Your friends

Social determinants such as homelessness, poverty, and abuse are breeding grounds for human trafficking. These vulnerabilities funnel kids, men, and women into labor and sex trafficking.

Learn the signs and risk factors that enable trafficking, so you can spot and report it.  Our Human Trafficking 101 is a great start!

2. Believe in Your Individual Impact

1-888-373-788 is the National Human Trafficking Hotline number. Save this number in your phone – and more importantly, call to report a tip. Making a call doesn’t feel as satisfying as watching Liam Neeson single-handedly rescue his daughter from a European trafficking ring – but this call is still crucial to making a difference. Simple changes can also include buying fair trade, talking to the workers at a nail salon, or handing out a workers’ rights guide to a day-laborer.

These are all necessary steps we need every community member to take. Underestimating your individual impact will make the difference in creating freedom, or perpetuating enslavement. Find out how to volunteer with UAHT. 

3. Fund Anti-Human Trafficking Efforts

You fund anti-human trafficking efforts; you break the cycle of slavery permeating our city. When you support UAHT, children and teenagers learn how to stay safe from predators, and victims are shown the path to freedom. Everyday we provide critical resources to the children, men, and women left exposed on the streets. Our work in the jail system allows us to reach a unique and under-resourced group. We equip professionals, overwhelmed with their responsibilities, to combat human trafficking effectively and efficiently.

Every moment we are actively fighting for the victims of this horrific crime. Each day we progress towards our goal of ending human trafficking. By giving today at $15 or more monthly, you bring hope and freedom to Houston.  Will you join us?

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