Have you ever wanted to shop in a way that is sustainable, does not contribute to sweatshop or slave labor, and support local charities? Right now through June 2018, Buffalo Exchange Montrose has chosen UAHT as a beneficiary of the Bags for Tokens program!

The clothing we wear makes a journey across the globe during its production process: raw cotton picked in Burkina Faso, textiles produced in China, garment’s sewn in India – all before it reaches shelves in the United States. What are the working conditions of those making our clothing? Are they paid a livable wage? Maybe you’ve seen this Ted Talk about the High Cost of Our Cheap Fashion – or John Oliver’s much more crass commentary, which features interviews with 14 year old Bangladeshi girls making clothing sold in Walmart and Gap. Fast fashion has become apart of our global economy, and something anyone shopping on a budget understandably relies upon. Sustainable, ethically produced brands such as Threads for Thought or People Tree may not fit everyone’s budget. So what is the alternative, to not feed into the fast fashion industry, and not give profit to corporation’s who do not implement accountability in every line of their clothing production/supply chain process? Shopping recycled or vintage stores is one answer to this quandary. By purchasing recycled fashion, you as a consumer are choosing to not support the sometimes unethical labor practices of the fast fashion industry.

Now there is a way you can shop that does not feed into the fast fashion industry, while also supporting United Against Human Trafficking: January through June, UAHT is a beneficiary recipient of the Buffalo Exchange Tokens for Bags® program. By shopping at Buffalo Exchange, you can select to donate United Against Human Trafficking. The Tokens for Bags® program offers every customer who opts to use a reusable bag (or to not use a bag at all) one “token” valued at $.05 USD (the cost to produce a bag) . UAHT is one of several nonprofits selected by the store employees to benefit from every token donated. The program has generated over $704,200 for hundreds of local nonprofit organizations since 1994 and has saved an estimated 14 million bags from the landfill. Buffalo Exchange strives to implement socially conscious practices, that both contribute to local charities and protect the environment: In November 2012, Buffalo Exchange discontinued the use of all disposable plastic bags, keeping an estimated 350,000 plastic bags out of landfills every year.

Want to learn more about fast fashion and how it impact labor trafficking?? Watch this series of Ted Talks, (links below) and explore the International Labor Organization’s partnership organization, BetterWork, to learn about retailers who have taken steps to improve working conditions and wages in garment production factories all over the world.

Ted Talk: The High Cost of Cheap Clothing

Fast Fashion’s Effect on the People, Planet, and You

The Wardrobe to Die For

Don’t forget to shop at Buffalo Exchange! They are located in the Houston Montrose, 2901 S Shepherd Dr, Houston, TX 77098. Every token will sustain our prevention, education and outreach programs, helping us continue the fight against human trafficking.

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