Because of your support, 2018 was a breakout year full of courage and changes! We engaged with nearly 23,000 individuals and during our first full year in providing direct services, weconnected 81 victims to care. We also trained over 12,000 parents, police officers, social service providers, and others on how to recognize and stop trafficking. Additionally, 6,113 children and teens were equipped to stay safe from exploitation!

We also moved office locations to the Gulfton area, allowing us to integrate into a diverse community. Plus, we hired seven new team members!

All this success could not have been accomplished without our generous supporters and the  expansion of our board. Their expertise and dedication to this organization gave us the courage to embrace the past year of transformational change.

But the triumphs of 2018 are just the beginnings of our vision realized.  As we move forward, we see every day as an opportunity. We are passionate about innovation, building partnerships, and to truly uniting everyone in the fight to end human trafficking. Yet, there are still challenges we face.

As a movement, our commitment is to rescue those caught in human trafficking. But how can we effectively rescue a person from exploitation? We believe it starts with collaboration and communication. This year, we are excited to create a centralized database for the anti-trafficking movement here in Houston. The first of it’s kind in the city, this database will centralize data and allow multiple service providers to track and access resources for survivors of trafficking, creating clear path to long-term freedom and healing.

Our goal is to build strong programs and supportive services through a steady and strategic approach. We’ve patiently, courageously and kindly nurtured the their growth. Now, entering this new year,  we recognize our readiness to grow into our full potential.  As a team, we hire and train staff to cultivate their abilities of providing Houston with the best initiatives to combat human trafficking, while tirelessly working to empower the men, women, and youth in our programs.

Our hope is that you can join us in embracing the fight to end human trafficking on all levels. Not only sex or labor trafficking, but a full commitment to combating every element of exploitation with dedication and relentless hope. Similarly, as we have empowered ourselves and our program participants, our desire is that you would empower yourself  to fight human trafficking in Houston. Just as we have realized there is no limit to what we can accomplish, we believe in your limitless potential to unite your community, mobilize your resources, and fight alongside us as we pursue freedom in our cities, in our homes, and in our neighborhoods.

2019 is going to be our most powerful year yet, and we’re glad to have you at our side.

For Freedom,

Timeka Walker, LMSW

Executive Director

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