Join The Pathway

Join The Pathway

A network where inter-agency collaboration is celebrated and no Survivor of Human Trafficking falls through the cracks.

Too many times, we’ve seen trafficking survivors slip through the cracks of systems meant to empower them. It’s time to go beyond providing individual services and unify our efforts to ensure no trafficking survivor gets left behind.


Membership Process

The Pathway Membership process may take up to 3 months depending on how quickly your organization advances through each step.

Pathway Application: Complete the initial form below to express your interest in joining our online, interactive database for trafficking survivors and Case Managers to access resources in one central location.

Resource Mapping: Detail the programs you want to offer through the Pathway and the demographics you serve.

Pathway Partner Certification: UAHT will assess your agency’s organizational, financial, and client service practice to ensure best practices. Once you are a certified Pathway Partner, clients can rest assured you are a trusted resource.

Training: Once you complete steps 1-3, you will identify who will represent your agency, and begin activating them in Pathway to serve clients and find new partners.

Celebrate! You’ve completed all the steps and are now officially joined with a network of trustworthy anti-human trafficking agencies making change for all around the

    Pathway Application

    Pathway Payment

    Please fill out the application by clicking the “Join the Pathway” button above and schedule a meeting with our team at before paying and completing the form below.

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