“I want to make a difference. Tell me how I can help.”

We hear these passionate words from you every day. The burden of overlooked men, women, and children caught in exploitation weighs on your hearts and minds. We can’t end human trafficking without you. As a part of our community, you have a vital role. 

Partnerships, trainings, events, and workshops, our team is constantly innovating and creating connecting points for our community to learn how to stop trafficking. We provide education for key professionals, equip teens against traffickers, offer parent workshops and host community trainings. What do all of these efforts involve? You.

Did you know that one of the most powerful ways to fight human trafficking is through your daily work? When we say we “educate professionals” we are talking about our professional training programs. We teach you how to identify a trafficked person while at work.

Each workshop is an opportunity to teach you the skills that will save a life. Our team travels to deliver these tailored trainings all over the Greater Houston Area. And then we cheer as human trafficking victims are helped by informed community members like you.

Recently, our education specialist trained Stafford P.D. on how to identify a trafficking situation. A few short days later, a Crime Victim Liaison who attended our training, was asked to advise on a unique case involving a minor. “It felt like a training exercise,” she later told us, “I expected you to pop up and walk us through it!” Because of this training, the Stafford P.D. were able to correctly identify a victim and connect her with resources. That is an example of the community in action and the difference you can make when you are informed.

Another powerful example of your critical role in identifying those caught in exploitation, comes from a call we received from a school guidance counsellor. After spring break, she noticed a student’s change in behavior. Tired and unfocused, this student claimed they toiled away over the break rather than resting. Remembering the signs of trafficking from our Youth Programs, she made the call to UAHT.

This student, along with several others, were trafficked by selling candy bars over the break. Forced to work long hours and hand over their money, these children were exploited from their very homes. This observant and engaged educator brought human trafficking out of the shadows. Do you see how your role as an informed, educated, and responsive community member can be the difference in the life of a victim of trafficking?

Ending human trafficking can sound unattainable. The horrors experienced by trafficked individuals is unimaginable. However, these examples from community members like you, show us the power of education and how you can stop the cycle of exploitation in its tracks.

Here at United Against Human Trafficking, we are committed to helping you in your essential role. You have the responsibility to spot and report trafficking. It is a large responsibility, one that feels weighty, but it is not too big for you. You have UAHT, a team of trained professionals ready to educate your teams, talk to your kids, and reach out to your community to provide resources. We are here to equip you, all you need to do is call. Let’s partner together and bring human trafficking out of the shadows. Don’t wait another day.

Schedule a training today, or call our offices for more information at 713-874-0290.

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