Community Awareness


An aware and informed community is part of the first line of defense against a crime as insidious as human trafficking. Through this program, we provide the public with the fundamentals of human trafficking – the who, what, where, and red flags. Our community presentations are generally 45 – 60 minutes in length and are available to any community group who would like to learn more about the issue and what it looks like in our community. UAHT also offers our community awareness presentations in Spanish and at various locations around Houston.

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UAHT provides resource materials and technical assistance to students, human trafficking organizations and other NGOs who are seeking advice and expertise on a variety of topics. Our expertise ranges from coalition building, outreach efforts, training programs and other specific human trafficking topics. Many of our outreach materials/resources are available in several languages. Our resource materials include fact sheets, brochures, films, ID cards, posters, etc.


This annual event is officially proclaimed by the Mayor of Houston (as Human Trafficking Awareness Month) and takes place during the month of January in honor of National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. The month is a series of awareness events and trainings that are hosted by UAHT and its coalition partners for the purpose of raising awareness about human trafficking across the city.


In an effort to raise general awareness about the issue of human trafficking, UAHT has developed a media campaign that has included over the years, the use of Highway Billboards, Community Billboards, Mall Signs, Airport Shuttle Signage, Taxi Cab Signage – all with the message of either “Stop Modern-day Slavery In Houston” or “No Human Life Should be For Sale.” All signage includes the number of the national human trafficking hotline or the local Crime Stoppers number in order to report a potential trafficking situation. In addition, UAHT has also developed Spanish-language radio PSAs that aired on several Univision radio stations and an English-language TV PSA that aired on local Houston channel 55.