3 Things We Teach Parents of Trafficked Children

3 Things We Teach Parents of Trafficked Children

You’re in a field.

Suddenly, a venomous green snake sinks his fangs into your ankle. You rush to the hospital and after an excruciating procedure, you are released. The next week, you walk across your lawn and see a winding, green snake in the grass.

You scream as you dash through the door. A wave of heat courses across your body and your heart pounds against your collarbone as you gasp for air.

You peek out the window and notice that the snake didn’t move. Squinting your eyes for a closer look, you realize it was a garden hose.

This is trauma.

The fear is real, but the hose isn’t dangerous. A trafficking survivor responds the same way when confronted with reminders of their horrific exploitation.

Their trauma doesn’t end when they escape. Their minds continue to process the world through the lens of their exploitation. They must be guided through their healing journey and parents play a crucial role in their recovery. Yet most of us as parents have little understanding of trafficking, much less the best way to help our exploited children.

That’s why we created a weekly support group for parents of trafficked children. In this group, parents not only glean strength from others who share similar experiences, but they learn how to rebuild after trafficking. There are 3 key points we share with parents of trafficked children.


Human Trafficking and The Holiday Season

Human Trafficking and The Holiday Season

The holiday season is filled with family, friends, and community celebrating together. However, UAHT deals with the sad reality that there are victims of exploitation all around us, even during this wonderful season. Our role as an organization is to be the voice of those trapped in exploitation. During this season of giving, you can be a part of our initiatives to provide strength, support, and hope to individuals in our community.

The Need:

On December 20th, UAHT will be at Montrose Street Reach Christmas dinner. This event will serve around 325 individuals who are high risk for either sex or labor trafficking. We will provide personal hygiene kits and blankets with human trafficking resources to reduce traffickers ability to exploit basic needs. With every kit, we are putting power back into the hands of each individual served.

How You Can Help!

We need 325 Hygiene Kits to pass out as gifts at the dinner. Use the information below and grab your family, a group of friends, roommates, or coworkers for an evening creating kits. Reach out to your neighborhood, or faith community and start a gift drive. Get creative, its up to you! We need all kits/donations delivered by December 18th to ensure the human trafficking resources and information are distributed with each package.

Where to Donate:

UAHT Offices at 2002 S. Wayside Dr. Houston Texas 77023

When: By December 18th

Please contact our office at 713-874-0290 to schedule drop off

What to include:

Large Freezer Zip Lock Bags (will be used to hold items)
Soap/Body wash
Tooth Brushes
First Aid Kits
Tampons, Pads
Travel sized umbrellas

Thank You!