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Youth Awareness Workshop


United Against Human Trafficking educates youth to increase their knowledge of what constitutes as human trafficking and exploitation. By participating in our programs, youth develop skills to safely navigate potential and existing exploitative situations. In addition, youth learn how to access community

resources when situations occur that increase their vulnerability (or if exploitation is already underway). United Against Human Trafficking empowers youth by providing avenues to take action in the fight against human trafficking.


Our Youth Programs staff can customize the workshop to meet your needs, including the time of the workshop.  

Real Talk Program


Real Talk is a trauma-informed program, which targets at-risk populations that are potentially more vulnerable to and recruitment exploitation. The “Real Talk” Program consists of engaging youth with open conversations and enrichment activities. The Program consists of multiple-site visits that engage these populations through open conversations and enrichment activities.

Program topics include:

  • Teaching what the signs and signals of human trafficking and exploitation look like.
  • Relationship topics: stereotypes and labeling; working through self-esteem issues, feelings of shame and guilt; healthy versus unhealthy relationships; trauma and the body’s response; teaching a mentality of empowerment. 

UAHT uses a holistic approach focusing on respect, empathy, individual strengths, and the relationship between personal and societal pressures that can create or increase these vulnerabilities. Enrichment activities are included, with a brain-based approach model that works with traumatized individuals through socialization and healthy self-care habits. These activities include emotional management, cardio-centered aerobic exercises, yoga, expressive art, wellness focused workshops, meditation, and other group empowerment activities.

Service Learning Project 


United Against Human Trafficking offers a volunteer program to youth, that gives them an opportunity to use their voices and join the movement to end human trafficking. The Service Learning Project consist of an educational based program, that bring awareness to the issues, and provides youth with different opportunities to get involved through awareness and self-advocacy. Each project can be customized and tailored to meet the needs of the youth.

Service Learning Project (TASK)

-HT101 – Human trafficking Training/ Awareness Workshop

-Bringing awareness to the issues (Red Sand Project)

-Community Service Opportunities (Personal Hygiene Kits, Blanket Drive, School Supply Drive)


If you are interested learning more about

United Against Human Trafficking’s Youth Programs & Workshops please fill out the Request Form, or contact:

Youth Coordinator: Quin’Tara Spencer, MSW

Youth Specialist: Au’Vonnie Alexander


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