Direct Outreach


UAHT’s Direct Outreach Initiatives help identify victims of human trafficking and them to services provided by our community partners. UAHT direct outreach efforts strategically targets known populations vulnerable to human trafficking such as:

  • Hispanic/Latino men and women
  • Adults and youth in the criminal justice system
  • Homeless and/or unstably housed youth and young adults

Our Direct Outreach work educates the populations on all forms of trafficking: both labor trafficking and sex trafficking exist in the United States. 


UAHT partners with human trafficking survivor consultants to assist in the creation of a trauma-informed outreach efforts. This model ensures that UAHT meets the needs potential victims of human trafficking. In addition, UAHT partners with The Moss Group, who provide expertise in the development of programs and services that support incarcerated adolescent human trafficking victims. Through these consultants and seasoned victim service professionals, UAHT implements trauma-informed outreach efforts to potential victims of human trafficking.

UAHT conducts outreach to facilities and on the streets. Facilities include:

  • Juvenile detention centers
  • Homeless shelters
  • Food pantries
  • Child welfare system
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