Human Trafficking Awareness Month (HTAM) is an annual event developed by United Against Human Trafficking and officially proclaimed by the Mayor of Houston each year. HTAM takes place during the month of January. It is a series of events and training sessions that are hosted by United Against Human Trafficking and its community partners for the purpose of raising awareness about human trafficking across the greater Houston area.


Human Trafficking Awareness Month in Houston was founded in 2007 by United Against Human Trafficking. It began as a week-long series of events, which grew to two weeks, and eventually comprised of an entire month. In 2017, HTAM was moved from September to January in order to coincide with the National Slavery & Human Trafficking Prevention Month. Today, HTAM is annual event recognized across the Houston area that unites communities to spread awareness of human trafficking.


  • Raise awareness of the issue of human trafficking and educate communities and individuals on how to identify and report situations  of human trafficking
  • Increase awareness and empower the Houston community for the purpose of collective impact against the issue of human trafficking
  • Send a unified, consistent message throughout the greater Houston area by coordinating human trafficking awareness events hosted  by local organizations


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