Sara Jayne Breuer

Education Coordinator

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science-International Affairs and French with a Minor in Peace and Conflict Studies, University of California Riverside


A recent California transplant, Sara Jayne works toward a better world where all are free to pursue their dreams and live free from exploitation and violence. When she learned about trafficking in 2008, Sara Jayne knew she wanted to do something. She dove into research and helped enforce anti-trafficking legislation throughout Los Angeles County. For the past five years, she worked at the American Red Cross, teaching communities how to prepare for disasters. She also served clients in shelters, met with families after home fires, and went door-to-door to teach people about fire safety.  She is passionate about working in diverse communities, bringing together different people towards a common purpose.  Sara Jayne brings her love of community theater and entertaining others into delivering engaging and informative presentations. It has been her dream to work professionally in human trafficking for over a decade, and she is overjoyed to work with UAHT. As the Education Specialist, she hopes to bring knowledge of human trafficking to as many people in Houston and beyond as possible so that we can work together to help victims become empowered survivors.