Stephanie Hernandez

How Samuel Helped Free His Friends

“Here they are! These are my friends that are being trafficked.” Samuel’s voice was an eager whisper, as he and two others approached us at an April street reach. We’d slowly gained trust with Samuel...

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Protecting Houston Youth. What It Takes.

When we talk about protecting our children and teenagers from human trafficking, what do you think is most important? Is it about teaching our kids the behaviors of traffickers? Or maybe it’s providing the right safety tips for social media? We spoke with our newest Youth Specialist, Au’Vonnie Alexander, to…...

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Prevention With Educational Empowerment: UAHT’s Youth Programs

With Written Contribution from Quin’tara Spencer.   Contrary to some misconceptions, American children can be victims of sex trafficking. These children are not only from at-risk, vulnerable populations, such as runaways, children of broken homes, or foster children: victims can be of any socioeconomic background, from stable families and affluent…...

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Tokens For Bags to Benefit United Against Human Trafficking!

Have you ever wanted to shop in a way that is sustainable, does not contribute to sweatshop or slave labor, and support local charities? Right now through June 2018, Buffalo Exchange Montrose has chosen UAHT as a beneficiary of the Bags for Tokens program!...

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Fair Trade Fiesta

On January 20, United Against Human Trafficking joined with Fair Trade Houston to celebrate Houston’s designation as the first Fair Trade Town in Texas. Fair trade vendors were in attendance, to help educate Houstonians on how labor trafficking can exist in our local communities, and how we all as consumers…...

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Red Sand Project and Artworks for Freedom at 2nd Cup

For Human Trafficking Awareness Month 2018, 2nd Cup is hosting both The Red Sand Project and Artworks for Freedom....

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Human Trafficking Awareness Day 2018: #WearBlueDay

  Today, January 11, is Human Trafficking Awareness Day! Join UAHT along with The Department of Homeland Security’s Blue Campaign, to commemorate this day....

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