Did You Know?
    • Human Trafficking and Human Smuggling Are Not The Same
      Smuggling always involves the transportation and the illegal crossing or penetration of an international border. Human Trafficking does not have to involve any form of transportation. A person can be a victim of human trafficking within their own home or community and never cross an international border.

    • Labor Trafficking Is More Wide-Spread Than Sex Trafficking
      While Sex Trafficking receives most of the media attention, there are actually more cases of labor trafficking worldwide. Labor trafficking takes many forms and can include: involuntary domestic servitude, pan handling, construction work, restaurant work, maid services in hotels and homes, lawn services, agricultural work, even a boys’ choir.

    • Males Are Victims Of Human Trafficking
      It’s common knowledge that human traffickers seek out the most vulnerable members of society, and women and children are often amongst the most vulnerable. However, women and children are not the only ones who are vulnerable. An alarming statistic produced by the State Department reports that between 2006 and 2008, the percentage of adult certified male victims of human trafficking jumped from 6% to 45%. It is estimated that Worldwide, males make up 45% of victims population.
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    • Fair Trade Relates Directly To Human Trafficking
      Purchasing Fair Trade items guarantees that products are not made using slave labor or human trafficking victims. The good produced are certified by an independent third party organization so you can be assured that the product you are purchasing is not fueling the demand for slave labor. Additionally, purchasing fair trade products can help prevent human trafficking by guaranteeing producers a minimum and fair price that they can depend on permitting them to save for the future, educate their children, maintain their health and invest in their communities, all of which reduce risk factors for trafficking.
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    • You Can Make A Difference In Fighting Against Human Trafficking
      By educating yourself, telling your friends and family, getting involved in community events, and purchasing Fair Trade, you can directly impact the fight against trafficking. Get started today!
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