Our Staff

Timeka Walker

Executive Director

Timeka Walker joined United Against Human Trafficking in February 2015 as the Executive Director. Timeka has over 16 years of experience in nonprofit management and leadership. Timeka brings to UAHT many years of operations, program development and evaluation experience. As a trained social worker, Timeka has served at-risk youth, HIV positive homeless men and women and those suffering from mental illness.

Before joining UAHT, Timeka served at Neighborhood Centers-Ripley House for 6 years and later worked at AIDS Foundation Houston for 10 years as a Program Director, Sr. Director of Programs and most recently held the position of Chief Operating Officer. Timeka is a Licensed Master Social Worker and holds an Executive Leadership Certification from Rice University.

Timeka is passionate about human rights issues and believes in the dignity and worth of every human being. She is committed to unifying the Houston community in our efforts to combat human trafficking.

Misa Nguyen

Director of Programs

Misa Nguyen serves as the Director of Programs for United Against Human Trafficking. Ms. Nguyen oversees the research, development, and implementation of UAHT’s projects and programs for training frontline professionals and public awareness campaigns. Ms. Nguyen represents UAHT in the community for various capacities, currently serving on the Human Trafficking Rescue Alliance Task Force and Houston Area Council on Human Trafficking. She has developed expertise in delivering UAHT’s training to law enforcement, first responders, and healthcare professionals as well as facilitating community presentations. Ms. Nguyen received her Bachelor’s of Arts in Liberal Arts from the University of Texas at Austin with concentrations in Government and Asian Studies.

During her time at the University of Texas, Ms. Nguyen was exposed to the social injustice of human trafficking and participated in faith-based initiatives to spread awareness of this growing crime. After graduating from the university, she entered the non-profit sector and engaged with the issue through the co-founding of a Houston chapter of the international Coalition to Abolish Modern-day Slavery in Asia (CAMSA) to spread awareness and support the overseas efforts to combat labor trafficking in Asia.

A native Houstonian, Ms. Nguyen came to UAHT in 2010 from Boat People SOS-Houston, bringing her enthusiasm for working with diverse communities in our city. She is passionate about local food eateries, recycling, and social justice issues. Ms. Nguyen is dedicated to education and knowledge to empower others in the anti-human trafficking movement.

Jenna Cooper

Community Education Specialist

Jenna Cooper serves as a Community Education Specialist at UAHT. Her primary responsibility is to train front-line professionals such as social service providers, health care professionals and educators on human trafficking and how to properly identify and assist potential victims. In addition, she will be leading UAHT’s Prevention Program and educate at-risk youths. Prior to joining UAHT, Jenna was the Project Coordinators for Youth Count 2.0, an innovative pilot study to learn more about how to find, count, and survey homeless youth and the specific situations and behaviors of youth that could assist with service planning.

Jenna received her Master of Social Work degree with a specialization in political social work from the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work in May of 2014. She has experience working with human trafficking survivors, as well as advocating for policy change on a local, national, and international level. She is passionate about raising awareness through education and empower the community to take action in the fight against human trafficking.


Christopher Horton

Community Education Specialist

As a Community Education Specialist with UAHT, Chris Horton’s primary role is to train front-line professionals such as law enforcement and first responders on human trafficking and how to identify, assist, and care for potential human trafficking victims. Prior to joining UAHT, Chris was an electrician, power plant operator, and electrical engineering trainer in the submarine service of the United States Navy.

Chris holds a B.S. in Communication Studies from Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He went to college after seeing instances of human trafficking overseas during his time in service, and there he participated in raising awareness of social injustices and human trafficking through both faith-based and justice seeking organizations on his campus. His passion is to use education on human trafficking for the purpose of creating a larger group of people with open eyes who will stand up against injustice.

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Jessica Kim

Community Relations Advocate

As the Community Relations Advocate, Jessica ensures that community members are educated and active in the fight against human trafficking. She joined the UAHT team in December 2015 after graduating from Moody Bible Institute with a B.S in Pastoral Studies: Ministry to Women. Jessica’s specialized education addressed human trafficking through intervention, legal policy, and counselling skills.

Jessica is originally from Upper Marlboro, Maryland outside of Washington D.C. In her free time, she enjoys reading, exploring the city, and traveling. She is passionate about ending human trafficking by connecting our community with meaningful volunteer opportunities and initiatives.

Kendra Baldazo

Bilingual Community Education Specialist

Kendra Baldazo joined the team in October 2016 after living in Boston, MA for six years. She serves as a Bilingual Community Education Specialist and focuses on training frontline professionals on identifying and helping potential victims of human trafficking, as well as coordinating direct outreach to Latinx communities.

Kendra is a native Houstonian and received her B.A. from Tufts University in International Relations with a concentration in the Middle East. After entering the non-profit sector in Boston, Kendra moved back to continue her passion for social justice and community engagement at UAHT. She is committed to empowering our communities, raising awareness, and ending human trafficking.